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What’s In It For Me!
NetWeaving is not an attack on traditional ‘networking’ which tends to focus more on questions such as, “Can this person help me?”  or “Is this person a prospect for whatever it is I have to offer?”  Networking with your own, your family’s, and your company’s interests in mind is natural and instinctive.

It’s simply our belief that in the long-run, and often in the short-run, your NetWeaving efforts, activities, and results, will prove to be far greater and more productive than those involving traditional networking efforts which tend to be far more self-serving.

 Superficial Conversation
Traditional networking frequently stays at a fairly superficial level. Usually, it’s having small talk such as weather or sports or a brief conversation about their business or the work they do. This is followed up with an exchange of business cards which is mistakenly considered to be a productive use of their time.

Lack Of Follow Up
Coupled with superficiality, perhaps the other key weakness of traditional networking, is a lack of follow up and follow through. Even when people go beyond the small talk stage and engage in more meaningful conversation where a potential new relationship could be born and nurtured, most often this is where the relationship dies.

Due to a lack of follow up, days and weeks pass following the initial meeting. One day, you come across that person’s business card, and not only can you not remember what products or services they offer, you can’t remember what the person looked like.