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MEL September 19, 2023
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One of the most important ways to put NetWeaving into action is by hosting meetings to introduce two or more people to each other.  These meetings can either be done in-person with you, the NetWeaver, physically hosting the meeting and acting as moderator/facilitator, or the introduction can be made virtually online, but still with you as the moderator/facilitator. 

The 5-step method explained in the previous lesson illustrates that often these hosting meetings are a follow up to a one-on-one meeting held earlier with someone you have recently met and now you are ‘hosting’ a meeting to introduce that person to someone whom you know and who you believe the other person would benefit meeting.

The NetWeaver’s Creed

 It’s helpful at the start of the meeting to set the tone of the meeting by providing a brief overview of the NetWeaving concept. One good way is to print out a copy of The NetWeaver’s Creed (available as a download at the www.netweaving.com website) for each person and just quickly review the key points.

Strategic Versus Non-Strategic Meetings

Strategic Meetings: Also, it’s good to review why you brought the two people together.  Sometimes the meetings are strategic, meaning that you already have in mind how the two people may be able to help each other, or what they have in common.

Non-Strategic Meetings: Other times, the meeting might be non-strategic, meaning you aren’t sure what the two people have in common or how they might be able to help each other, but you just think that they are both interesting and successful people, and are both givers, and that they would really enjoy meeting each other.

 Hosting In-person Meetings

Hosting an in-person meeting is usually more powerful than a virtual one, but in today’s rapid pace world, getting three people together can be real work and unless ‘hosting’ meetings in-person ideally fits with your business model (i.e., consultants, speakers, trainers, and personal or business coaches), setting up one or two in-person meetings is the most you can expect to do.  But, now with Zoom, and the other face-to-face virtual online tools available, ANY serious NetWeaver can set up at least a few each month. 

 Hosting Virtual Meetings

As you become better and better at learning how to ‘listen’ with a 2nd pair of ears, and to be tuned in during all forms of communication (in-person, on the phone, and on the internet) to ask, “Who do I know who might benefit meeting this person?”, you can follow up very easily somewhat along these lines.

Sample Conversation

Assume you are on the phone with someone, and as you’re focused on the above “who do I know?” question you say, “Jane, as you and I were talking, I just thought of someone whom you really need to meet.  Why don’t you send me your bio and some information on your company, and I’ll have the person I have in mind do the same and I’ll send it to you. Then, after you review his or her bio and information, and assuming you both would like to meet, I’d like to host a meeting and serve as the moderator/facilitator.  We could certainly meet in-person, but if both of your schedules are very crammed, I’m sure we can find a half hour or an hour for me to set up and host a ‘virtual’ meeting online.  Would that be alright with you assuming this is someone you would really like to meet?