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Bob Littell September 19, 2023
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The first book on NetWeaving, entitled Power NetWeaving, was co-authored by Bob Littell and Donna Fisher. The book covered the skill sets of NetWeaving and featured persons in the financial services industry who had essentially built their careers and practices around NetWeaving – just without calling it that.

What became apparent as Bob spoke about NetWeaving around our country and abroad, was that in addition to the personal and business advantages of becoming more proficient at the skill sets, there was an additional factor at work – the Heart of NetWeaving.

Ambassador And Vocal Advocate

He began to notice that people he had known for years began relating to him differently. He finally realized that he had become an ambassador and a vocal advocate for a philosophy and concept that represented universally admired principles. This NetWeaving is really all about the Golden Rule and putting other person’s Needs, Problems, and Opportunities on an equal or higher level from their own.  Without realizing it, he was enhancing and elevating his image in other person’s eyes.
The added credibility which flowed from being able to refer to NetWeaving as the business version of Pay It Forward further contributed to that since millions of people saw the movie or read the book or both.

Increased Passion & Energy

But there was something else which others noticed which Bob said he had not, at least up until they started pointing it out.  After serving in this spokesperson/ambassador role for several years, having both improved his own NetWeaving skill sets, as well as having become a more articulate advocate, he also noticed that his passion for the concept had grown, and along with this increased passion, came a new source of energy.  And the more he spoke about the concept, the more energized he became.

 Then other people who had now become fans of the concept who had been practicing it for some extended period started noting similar effects on their lives and businesses.

So the heart of NetWeaving involves going beyond just practicing the skill sets on a more regular basis, but learning that when you become an ambassador and vocal advocate for the concept, it elevates your image in other peoples’ eyes, and it energizes you and makes you better at everything else you do.  And if you genuinely like helping people, the more you do, the more you want to do.

What Goes Around – Come Back Around

Those who question whether they have the time to wait for the favors they do and the help they give others to come back around, either are not recognizing, or maybe are not of the current mindset to accept these two immediate benefits to becoming a vocal NetWeaving advocate and ambassador of the concept.

NetWeaving International

It was discovering this Heart of NetWeaving which inspired Bob to create teaching and training programs so that eventually we could have an army of persons out there spreading the good word about NetWeaving – both around the country and now even around the world.

It has been interesting to note that as the NetWeaving international community has grown over the past 20+ years, a number of other countries and cultures seem to naturally gravitate to this concept.  This may well be that other cultures are more comfortable with the concept of creating meaningful relationships FIRST – before doing any business – and therefore NetWeaving is a much more traditional form of networking for them.

Also, the concept of karma ties in very closely with the belief that, ‘what goes around, does come back around’.