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Bob Littell August 2, 2023
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NetWeaving incorporates specific skill sets, strategies, and action steps that can help anyone incorporate more NetWeaving into their daily life.

Skill Set #1 – Connector of Others

Some people are just naturally gregarious and outgoing, and they love meeting new people. As part of expanding their own network, they naturally find that they are consistently introducing people to each other within their ever-expanding network.

NetWeaving has designed a series of how to strategies that can help almost anyone improve upon this skill set. This is because it becomes easier when your efforts are aimed at helping someone else rather than yourself.  And there are even many who are not that outgoing, who discover that since the emphasis in NetWeaving shifts to helping others by introducing them to someone he or she would benefit knowing, they find they really can enjoy doing this.

Skill Set #2 – Resource-Provider for Others

Some people – especially more analytical types are less gregarious and outgoing.  They are much more comfortable with this skill set rather than being the outgoing connector of others.  This is especially true of highly technical people.  Most would like to get recognition for, and to be viewed by others as creative helpful problem-solvers

For this reason, we recommend focusing on this skill set for this group and what tends to happen is that as they begin to get more appreciation and recognition for this role, it tends to raise their own self-confidence and self-image and often they begin becoming more outgoing and some even become excellent connectors of others.

Skill Set #3 – Building a Trusted Resource Network

Some people pride themselves on accumulating a network of people who are active in a variety of fields without personally qualifying them as being exceptionally talented at what they do. Building a Trusted Resource Network is the equivalent of pretending you are in the Executive Search business, and you have been given the assignment of identifying prospects across an infinite variety of fields, professions, and industries who are best of breed at what they do. 

In some cases, this involves working with them over a long enough period of time that you get you see them in action and hear the glowing reports and testimonials from clients.  In other cases, you may be referred to the person by someone whose opinion and judgment you absolutely trust, and their ravings about the person – the quality of his/her work; their reliability, sense of urgency, and customer-centric focus are good enough for you to decide they need to become part of your Trusted Resource Network.  Recruiting them though, almost always comes through finding a way to help them FIRST, then following up on a regular basis to maintain the relationship.