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The biggest difference between traditional networking and NetWeaving is simply a different mindset.

Networkers Mindset

With networking, people tend to be listening with only ONE pair of ears and during conversations, to be tuned in with only ONE set of antennae – with these questions in mind:

  • Can this person be of help to me?
  • Is this person a prospect for me?
  • Does this person have something that I need?

As stated before, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this and it’s only natural that we would have those kinds of thoughts.                                            

NetWeaver’s Mindset

The NetWeaver’s mindset is different.  NetWeaving teaches us that during every face-to-face, telephone conversation, or online communications, to utilize a SECOND pair of ears, and to grow a SECOND set of antennae to be listening and to be tuned in to ask yourself and answer three additional questions:

  • Who do I know who would benefit from meeting this person?
  • Could this person provide information or resources to someone else I know?
  • Has this person impressed me so much that I need to get to know him or her better and assuming over time, they continue to impress me, make them part of my Trusted Resource Network.