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Bob Littell July 27, 2023
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 Golden Rule and Pay-It-Forward

NetWeaving is a Golden Rule form of networking.  A NetWeaver’s motives are genuinely aimed at helping others by following the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” It’s all about building meaningful and trusted relationships by acting both as a connector of others, as well as a no-strings attached resource-provider for others.

What Goes Around, Does Come Back Around

Netweaving is also defined as a Pay-it-Forward form of networking.

This is also in line with the two mottos of NetWeaving; “Good things happen to those people who make good things happen”When you open the door for someone else, you never who you will meet as a result.”

NetWeavers have a strong belief in the law of reciprocity.  Doing so with the confidence and belief that what goes around, does come back around. It’s not that they necessarily act out of pure altruism, but rather they mostly do so out of enlightened self-interest. This indirectly implies that you certainly wouldn’t mind if some good things happen as a result of your gratuitous actions.

Connector & Resource Provider

NetWeaving teaches people that the best ways to build meaningful relationships with other people is by acting as a connector of others, and serving as a resource provider for others, without any conditions attached. NetWeaving is built upon a common, basic humanitarian principle; After you are helped by someone, you are asked to go find a way to help someone else.

Regardless of religious persuasion or spiritual beliefs, those who tend to be most attracted to NetWeaving and who truly embrace it have some foundation in the belief of the basic goodness of mankind, and the belief that what goes around – comes around. And because of their confidence in the law of reciprocity, NetWeavers’ gratuitous actions might best be described as being done out of enlightened self-interest.