NetWeaving 101

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NetWeaving is all about creating trusted relationships by connecting people with someone whom they would benefit meeting

OR Providing people with valuable resources.  NetWeaving is other-centered, while networking is self-centered.

Bob Littell is the creator of the word & concept of NetWeaving. As he is quick to point out, many successful people, in all fields & professions, upon learning about NetWeaving, react much in the same way: “I’ve been doing this my entire life — I just never had a word for it.”

NetWeaving International teaches people the joys & benefits of NetWeaving. Our goal is to build a community who share the “give first in order to receive” philosophy.

NetWeaving has two mottos:

  1. Good things happen to those people who MAKE good things happen.
  2. When you open a door for someone else, you never know who you will meet as a result.

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